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For example, wedding photographers may put together a book of their best wedding photos to show to engaged couples who are looking for a wedding photographer.


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Artist design books, or ADBs, in their online form, can be described as "fashion diaries" because bloggers are constantly updating them on a daily or weekly basis.


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It is common for stores or clothing designers to use an ADB to show off products. They may include photos of multiple types of clothes, shoes and other accessories.


This is the case for the World Quality Selections organized by Monde Selection.


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With the increased use of the internet and email, however, there are now websites that host online portfolios that are available to a wider audience.


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It is the determination of whether (and how) a set of projects in the portfolio can be executed with finite development resources in a specified time.


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With PPM, the Office of Finance can improve their accuracy for estimating and managing the financial resources of a project or group of projects.

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In the late 16th century it became fashionable for young European aristocrats and wealthy upper class men to travel to significant European cities as part of their education in the arts and literature. This was known as the Grand Tour, it included cities such as London, Paris, Venice, Florence and Rome. However, The French revolution brought with it the end of the Grand Tour.

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A trip may also be part of a round-trip, which is a particular type of travel whereby a person moves from one location to another and returns.

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In some countries, non-local internal travel may require an internal passport, while international travel typically requires a passport and visa.

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Travel dates back to antiquity where wealthy Greeks and Romans would travel for leisure to their summer homes and villas in cities such as Pompeii and Baiae.