I am Marianna, and this is my personal journey. I created Punto Nemo as a place of exploration, where I could write and experiment with different languages. This is where I started sharing my writings, but also editing them in SEO, in addition to practicing basic elements of web design with WordPress.

During my university years I started working as a freelancer writing articles, mainly about travel, for companies such as YesCapa and Mondadori. Meanwhile, in conjunction with my degree in contemporary dance, I founded a company with other dancers, with whom we organized shows in Naples, Rome and Milan. For the company I was also in charge of organizing performances, researching and writing international applications and promotion.

During the last year of my master’s degree, I spent a year in Paris at Paris VIII St. Denis University, working on my thesis, “The Creative Mind. Why do we need art?”, an interdisciplinary work with a sociological background investigating the human perception of beauty.

While continuing to collaborate with the dance company, I started working at Yoox, a luxury fashion e-commerce company, as a content specialist, taking care of the management of text and web pages for clients.

To improve my content management skills, I moved to Seville, Spain, for a web and graphic design course at CEI, where I deepened my knowledge of HTML and CSS languages and learned the use of Adobe software. As an end-of-course test, I wrote and typeset a magazine for which I also edited the images.

With the breakthrough of the COVID epidemic, I moved to Germany, Hamburg,  where I worked for About You as an international social media manager, for the Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Greek and French markets. I learned to coordinate videographers and photographers for shoots and events, managing content and relationships with creators and influencers. 

In the meantime, I put my graphic design skills to the test by drawing digital collages and creating poster series that can be found in the Projects section.

I decided, then, to return to Italy, both to get closer to my aptitudes and to experience new kinds of work. At the moment, in fact, after some experiences in the tech sector, I work as a freelancer. I deal with communication strategies, with a focus on writing an editorial plan and related content creation.