What are we doing in our lives?

Il punto più lontano dalle terre emerse

What are we doing in our lives?

I’d like to open this new category of “international” articles with this kind of question. I was reading a friend’s post about his 29 birthday, saying it’s time to sum up and realize we have failed. It was so pessimistic and no, I’m not convinced that exists a specific age where we could stop living and just resign ourselves to following social constraints and measuring achievements and failures.

But we are pushed to do it, we’re trying and trying to be consistent with what we wanted to be and what we are now. And we can’t, that’s all. We all have grown up with dreams and aims that now are simply impossible to achieve. Why?

Because the job we were dreaming doesn’t exists in this market economy, because the life we wanted is more expensive than satisfying, because we have to move and change city and country and lose friends, habits, and because being flexible is driving me crazy. Because finding a job is hard as much as finding an apartment, and because the man/woman/everything we love lives so far from us, and when he/she/it came to live in our own and temporary city doesn’t know anymore how we could build a stable relation. How could we, if nothing is stable? How could we stand it if tomorrow we’ll die and we’re sacrifying all of us just to survive?

Alcol is not just alcol, is a style that become an addiction. All my friend are alcoholic and probably so am I, just because alteration in consciousness is the most interesting thing in our lives. Don’t you have a depressed friend? Don’t you know someone that freaked out? Don’t you go firsthand to a psychologist that knows less than you about human mind? Don’t you feel powerful just because of your career or your trip in Japan and then, in the evenings, late in the bed, empty and lost?

Our busy time

They promised us that studying was all we needed, that we could realize the dreams they couldn’t even think before, traveling, discovering, exploring, sharing… what else? Pretending! Go on influencers, you are losing too.

It’s just our time, at the end of twentieths and at the beginning of nothing: we are scared of everything. Of staying in a place, and leave that place, and love someone and staying alone, and working in another field and staying in the same field.

And I for one taught I could do everything I wanted and now I don’t know anything, except that I won’t stand for it. I could spend my time in a boring office with boring people, I could take the melatonine to sleep and I could act like a self confident and skilled person, but I think it would kill me if I stop to find my ways of insurrection.

Everyone has a unique value and if doesn’t fit with the rest of the world doesn’t mean is nothing, but we are translating it as a symtom of mediocrity. What a shame! We are all abandoning the most precious things, selling ourselves for what? This is the question of my generation, what are we doing with our lives? There’s no answer, but the thing is why do we need a answer?

We are all so confused, and we are fake, with fake social identities and a fake happiness, driving a car in the dark, praying for more money and more photos, and more likes and more constructions and more and more, receiving in return anxiety and fear. What are we doing with our lives? Not the best, even if we’re trying. Me, and my generation and colleagues and friends, at one point we’ll fail and we are acting like we knowing that will happens and we don’t do anything, anything to avoid it.

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